Please see below some of the many courses that we have designed and delivered. A detailed course outline showing learning objectives, program design and training outcomes is available on request.

customized in-house training

We can design training to meet your organizational needs. For example, you may wish to target specific challenges in skills or attitude to enable a transition to more effective performance. Our training design is based on in-depth research, analysis and discussion of the issues. Our training delivery, whilst being fun and interactive, is both practical and relevant.

coaching for management transitions

Our one-on-one coaching enables the individual to transition effectively from one level of managing people to the next. The coach enables the individual to fast-track to advanced levels of interpersonal communication, assertiveness, conflict management and negotiation.

coaching for effective business writing

Coaching can be face-to-face, online, or a mix of both. We enable the individual to develop skills in planning the document, writing the first draft, and editing to strengthen the message. The range of documents includes email, short business report, complex reports, proposals, briefing notes and RFPs.


About Us

We are a group of talented trainers committed to the design and delivery of training that meets your organization’s needs to the highest standard. Our training is lively, engaging and interactive. Our specialty is enabling participants to transition to higher levels of skill in management, communication and workplace interaction through active learning.

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